Friday, September 12, 2014

My Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colors & A House Update (Of Course)

If you don't love dark paint get out of here.  But if you do, stay awhile.  Because you're about to see a ton of it.
Welcome to my kitchen, y'all.  The bronze knobs & pulls show up in photo #2 because when I started this post they weren't in, but last night I went to check on the house and boom! There they were!  Do you see those pendants?  I love them.  Mercury glass fixtures were the perfect complement to my color scheme of dark, darker & darkest.
The paint behind the cabinets is Sherwin Williams Backdrop (7025). 
Which leads me to this...
I'm no paint expert but I'm going to dish out some tips anyway.  These have helped me along the way and someday they might help you too.  If you don't agree with them, don't hate me.  I'm just trying to help okay? 
Tip #1If you like a color on a paint swatch, use the one below it. 
I had originally wanted Functional Grey (7024) in my kitchen, but I followed my own rule and went to the next shade and voila ...just look at those cabinets poppin' off of those walls. 
I was also thrilled to discover that the electricians had hooked up all of my lights. 
I really had no idea just how exciting it would be turning those lights on in our new house for the first time.  But y'all, it was like magic or something. 
So of course I had to take a picture at night...(my favorite because I just love under cabinet lights).
I knew from the get-go I wanted taupey-grey paint and you wouldn't believe how many taupey-greys there are to pick from.  A good starting point for me was figuring out which undertone I preferred. 
Tip #2Look at the bottom color on the paint swatch (especially with greys) to determine which undertone will reveal itself once the paint hits the walls
The bottom color on the functional grey/backdrop color family was Well Bred Brown (7027).  I saw that and knew that this color swatch was my new bff.
I mean obviously...
I used 7025 in the dining room.
...and the living room
I cannot wait until they rock the fireplace!  Which will happen next week sometime!  We are in the middle of a mantel dilemma because we want a rustic reclaimed wood one that has lots and lots of character...and those aren't easy to find.
We went with Sherwin Williams Latte in the Master Bedroom because I love a nice dark khaki color in my bedroom and always have.  Maybe because it just feels so cozy. :)  But I wasn't sure if it would flow well with the colors I had chosen in my living room/foyer area.
Tip #3Buy a sheetrock square at Lowes or Home Depot, divide it into sections and paint it the colors you have chosen.  You can look at Houzz and Pinterest all day long, but no color looks the same on your wall as it does in a picture on a website.  You can hold the samples in the light at your own home and see if they will flow and if they look the way you want them to!
This hose will straighten out eventually, but I love this shower head.  I will never clean another shower without a removable head because it's just a pain in the butt.  I got a sprayer on the tub too because I'm just the type of person that thinks way ahead to the days I'll be cleaning this place, and I'm just tryin' to make my life easier. Ha.

And in Kollyns' bedroom and playroom I did end up going with the Functional Grey since the rooms are smaller and I love it!  Still makes a statement without making you feel like the walls are closing in.

And back to Latte in the upstairs spare bedroom...
I definitely favored the neutrals in our new home.  A far cry from the oranges and reds in our first house.
Tip #4Think about the mood you want to set.  I view lighter colors as more formal and cold, and darker colors to me are more inviting and cozy.  But that's just me.  Bold colors are dramatic and neutral colors are a bit more soothing and welcoming.  You know which colors make you feel which way so pick the color that suits the mood you want to create.  I have read so many tips for picking paint but I've come to the conclusion that ultimately it's your house so pick whatever the heck you want. As long as it works for you.
Tip #5:  Use a semi-gloss or satin on trim.  It's easier to clean.  Trust me, I learned that lesson the hard way in my first house.
I know we will probably live in this home for a very long time, and I didn't want to choose anything I would get tired of!
As far as the outside goes, they are pouring our driveway at the beginning of next week.
This week they poured our slabs at the basement...
And at the front porch.
So next week they will be finishing the siding right there around the porch, installing the front porch columns, staining the front door and putting the shutters on!!!
We are getting so close and I couldn't be happier. 
Now to tackle furniture shopping, which is a freakin' beast.  But I'm pretty excited about it.
Another update will be coming up really soon because things are moving so fast right now! 
Just like I like it.


Amy Roberts said...

Oh mmmm ggggggggg. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!! I love earthy tones too so I am drooling over your house!!

Emily Osborne said...

I don't know why but... every time I see a new home update I just want to punch you in the face. I love your tips! Paint sucks. Especially when you eff it up. I'll be referring back to these one day.

Kelsey Almond said...

Yay! Thank you so much!!! 3 more weeks!!!

Kelsey Almond said...

Haha I'll punch you back because I feel the same way about you when I see all of your beautiful pics and fun little adventures! Ha! I'm so happy you might use my tips one day!