Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's Move In Week!

Well hey.  I've just been over here packing my life away into boxes and loving every second of it.  The long awaited week is upon us.  WE MOVE IN ON FRIDAY!  Eeeek!  I cannot believe it's finally time.  I've been driving by this house now for seven long months dreaming of the day I could call it my home.  And I'm thrilled y'all, I am.  Because really soon I will be able to.  I think I owe you a long overdue house update.  But it has been really hard to get inside of the house since they have been finishing up the floors.  And it has been even harder to get nice pretty pictures because everything was so dusty from the floors being sanded.  But at last, I can finally bring you some decent pictures of my favorite place. 
[All photos are low quality, but my nice camera is in a box somewhere.  Better photos will be coming at you once I get the house decorated!]
Welcome to our home. :)
Don't mind the little munchkin in the front yard, she was testing out the new grass.
Come on in...
We still have one coat of poly to go on the floors, so they will be a bit shinier once they are done.
Yep, they are super dark.  We used an ebony stain on white oak 5 inch boards.  And don't tell me because I already know that I might as well go ahead and glue a Swiffer to my hand.
And there will be a TV covering that brown board. :)
Our mantel is plain but rustic.  And in person you can really see the character.  The wood is reclaimed and it is over 250 years old.  Kinda cool.
I think the kitchen is my favorite.  Only because I can't wait to have Kollyns sitting at the bar talking to me while I cook dinner and bake cookies.  Little moments like that make life extra sweet.

Our appliances are coming in today and will be hooked up on Thursday.  We ordered all LG appliances because they look cool and they had a slide in double oven.  You had me at dinner and dessert cooking at the same time minus the hefty price of an actual built in double oven.
Be still my heart.

The under cabinet lights are my jam because I'm all about lighting that makes a home warm and inviting.  What a pretty little glow.
Here's a little glimpse into the dining room.  I'm sorry the pictures are so dark, it was super gloomy yesterday.
Master Bedroom.

Mood lighting anyone?  We had the builder install crown molding with a rope light above so it would illuminate the ceiling at night.  I told you I'm all about some cozy lighting. ;)

Master Bath.  We decided to step away from the basic plain mirror and have decorative ones instead.  These are place holders for fancier ones in the future.  But I couldn't pass these up since they fit perfectly and I got them at TJMaxx for $25 a piece.  AND I had gift cards! Yay!

And last but not least a side view of the garage and lights.
I really love our home.  A lot of people finish building and say that would do at least one thing differently.  I wouldn't change a thing.  I'm so happy with how it all turned out.
I won't be posting anymore photos until we are moved in and it's all nice and decorated. Then I'll be happy to give you another tour. :)
One more thing.
I know my blog has basically been overtaken by house photos and it seems like it's all I think about.  I promise you it isn't.  I love our house and I can't wait to make many memories here but I know it's just a material thing and in the big scheme of things it is so not a big deal.  I'm thankful for our home but I'm most thankful for my Savior and my relationship with Him and all of the blessings he has poured over us ...most importantly our health and our sweet Kollyns.  We don't deserve anything, but because of His sweet mercy & grace He chooses to bless us anyway.
If you have any questions at all about anything in our home, I will be happy to answer.  Email me anytime.  And if you aren't following me on Instagram @kelseyalmond yet, you totally should. :)
Plan Name:  Frank Betz Raines
Siding:  CertainTeed Natural Clay
Roof:  Weathered Wood Architectural Shingles
Brick:  Mallory Creek
Stone Interior & Exterior:  Suncrest Stone in Honey Creek Ledge
Dining/Kitchen/Living Paint:  SW 7025 Backdrop
Master Bedroom/Bathroom Paint:  SW 6108 Latte


Tawnya Faust said...

It looks gorgeous, Kelsey! I LOVE your kitchen! So functional and the colors look incredible together... and the mood lighting is perfect. I love a cozy warm home and this house definitely has it all! :) So excited for you and your family!

Amy Roberts said...

What a beautiful house that will be home to you and your sweet family! Enjoy this big moment in your lives!!

Emily Osborne said...

PERFECTION! I love your kitchen. Love it! My dads kitchen has the under the cupboard lighting and I've always said how much I want that in my home too. One day, perhaps.

ps. i still hate you. ;-)

Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you Tawnya! So much. :)

Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you thank you thank you! :)

Kelsey Almond said...

Thanks pretty! And no you don't...you love me.

Darris said...

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rcahill77 said...

Your home is gorgeous! Congratulations! We are in the process of picking out siding color and stone for our home renovation and what you have done is exactly what I've had in mind. I was wondering if you would be willing to tell me your color siding and which stone you chose to go with? This is also overwhelming! Thanks!!

Kelsey Almond said...

Suncrest Stone in Honey Creek Ledge & Certainteed Siding in Natural Clay! :) Thank you so much and best wishes as you build yours!

Anonymous said...

Curious, what color did you go with for your shutters?

Kelsey Almond said...

Musket Brown. :)