Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Well Christmas came and went just as fast as it always does.  :(  I hate to see it go, but I love to watch it leave as my bank account slowly starts to recover.  It was lovely and relaxing and filled with lots of happiness and much needed family time!  It almost went along without a single hitch...except for one little thing. 
Twas two nights before Christmas and mommy was at the store. 
Kollyns' Daddy forgot to guard the basement door. 
She crept down the stairs to let the dog inside
And saw something that Santa was trying his best to hide. 
 Her trampoline was too big for his sleigh.
So he brought it to her house before Christmas day.
It actually was for the best though, because we got all of our jumping out of our system before Christmas so we didn't have to spend all of Christmas day on the trampoline!  Yay!
My favorite part of Christmas is always the tree and the warm glow of pretty lights.  Every morning I would enjoy the peace and serenity of my cozy, quiet living room while I read the Bible and thanked God for this wonderful life and the gift of His son.  It's the perfect setting this time of year to reflect on His blessings and bask in His love.  I sure will miss the decorations...but don't worry, they will be up again the day after Halloween next year. ;)
Homemade ornaments are the best kind.  I never thought I'd be the type to have this kind of thing hanging from my tree.  But now I wish I had a tree full of these because I love them so.
Christmas always brings lots of dinner dates.  Which means mama doesn't have to cook as much.  Which is great. ;)

We celebrate Christmas at my dad's house the weekend before so we aren't so rushed on Christmas day!  We were so excited to spend time with them and I was so happy to have my babies by my side that night.  Devin always has to work on Christmas so it was nice having him there for this one!

Kollyns was so not interested in family photo ops.  She wanted to play with her toys instead.  Can't blame her.  Christmas is so magical as a kid! :)

My parents realized how badly I needed shoes since I'm still rocking my moccs from 4 years ago and all of my Toms were looking pretty sad. 
So this my friends... is shoe heaven.  I'm in love.

And why not get a new tattoo of your daughter's name on Christmas? 
Although I think he has plenty as it is, it's still sweet. 
Don't worry.  He didn't leave me out.  My name was on his side before we were even engaged.
This y'all...is how he proclaims his love. :)

And Christmas isn't Christmas without chocolate cake.  Yummy.

We always celebrate on Christmas Eve night with my mom's side of the family.  These are some of my favorite girls. :)

And after cleaning up 500 yards of balled up wrapping paper, daddy and mommy geared up to clear a path to the fireplace so Santa could deliver Kollyns' presents.

We had to leave him the whole plate of cookies because Kollyns just knew he would be super hungry.  He drank all of the milk but only took three bites of the cookies.  I think he opened the fridge and dug into the chocolate cake instead.  Or at least I know that's what mommy did.

She was one happy little girl.  I think I'm enjoying her toys as much as she is.  We play grocery store every. single. night.
My favorite gift had to be the Keurig 2.0.  This thing is a dream.

The day after Christmas was spent playing and playing and playing.  While mommy drank one cup of coffee after another.  The fact that I can brew a whole carafe now is the best.  
And FinLee fell victim to Kollyns' new hair chalk while I was taking a load of Christmas decorations to the basement. Poor thing.  He's still orange and pink.  Good thing he's due for a grooming soon.

And just like that...the house is back to normal and Christmas is another year away.

But even after the glow of Christmas fades, He paints the sky as a reminder that all of life is beautiful because we have the gift of a sweet savior.  Even during the not so decorated months. ;)
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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