Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Life Lately: Thankful/Catch-Up Edition

Life has been coming at me a mile per minute lately and I've finally gotten around to catching my breath. It is so full of unexpected things but there's still so much joy to be found and so much to be thankful for through all of it.
God's grace is sufficient and his mercies are new every morning.
That in itself is a reason to rejoice.
And that's what I'm most thankful for.
But I'm also really thankful for...
My husband.  And all of our date nights lately.  Sometimes things happen that push you together in a way nothing else ever has.  It has been fun making my husband my boyfriend again.
Even though he hates it when I take pictures. I'm working on that... ;)
Kollyns and I have been fighting miserable colds for 4 weeks now.  We have been resting a lot and trying our best to get better.
I'm thankful for her.  Even when she's sick she's my little sunshine.  She can make the worst day bright and the best day brighter.  Our sweet little girl.  I'm so glad she's finally feeling good.
And I'm thankful I'm finally starting to feel better too.
This face is a face that has been through 15 boxes of tissues and a bottle of Nyquil or two over the past few weeks.  This face is weak and tired, but I was having a pretty good hair day (probably because it's the first day I felt good enough to actually fix it) so a selfie was completely warranted.  And I couldn't breath through my nose so I wasn't about to force a smile. Don't judge me okay? :)
We're getting in the Christmas spirit over here, and I'm thankful for that too.  It's my favorite time of the year, always has been.  I plan on racking up after Christmas this year when things go on sale so next year we can reach Griswold status.  This year I just stuck with the basics.  You know, glittery ribbon and wreaths and things...

And for ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas.  Every night.  Polar Express is Kollyns' new favorite! ;)  I'm still an Elf girl.  Best Christmas movie of all time.  Notice the two porcupine ornaments on the tree.  She had to have them.  I keep moving them to her tree and she keeps bringing them back to the living room.  I give up. :)
Christmas just makes everything extra pretty.

And I'm thankful that my husband brought home a ladder and made this happen...

and for our warm cozy house.
And that our Elf on the Shelf Sparkle has been surprising Kollyns every morning.  Too bad she reveals my lack of creativity every single day. 
So here's to lots of warm cozy nights with the ones we love as we get closer and closer to Christmas...
Appreciating what we have while we have it...
and to me being a much better blogger in the near future so I don't have to fill it up with ridiculous selfies and the adventures of our elf.
Shame. On. Me.


Crystal Henderson said...

Your home is absolutely beautiful, Kelsey! Love reading your blog :) Hope you and Kollyns start feeling better soon!

Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you so much Crystal! and thanks for reading it! :)