Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My 'nastics Girl

So we missed spring sports sign ups. Mainly because Kollyns didn't decide to tell me she wanted to play until after the deadline had passed, even though I asked her months before and she responded with a big fat "No" because mommy couldn't go out on the field and play too.  So of course suddenly she's miss independent and decides to be a big girl way way way after the season has started.  Mom guilt overload. Anyway, we decided a few weekends ago on a rainy Saturday to make it a snuggles and Netflix day.  Sometimes you just need one of those.  Well guess what...Netflix has like five thousand gymnastics movies available to watch in the kids section.  Not really, but it sure felt like it after we watched three in a row.  By the end of the first movie she wanted a leotard. By the end of the second, she was flipping all over the sofa and asking me to call the 'nastics people and sign her up.  And by the third movie she decided she was going to go to the Olympics someday in "one of those pretty outfits with a sparkly bun."  So now she's in a gymnastics class and adores it.  I was worried she would get upset that I couldn't go in with her, but she walked right into the gym like a boss and had a blast.  She's so into it that she puts her leotard on as soon as we get home everyday and the struggle is real trying to get her into pajamas at night because she thinks she needs to sleep in it too...not happening.  I'm so happy she has found something she loves, and I'm feeling a lot better about my little spring sports mommy fail.  I owe you one, Netflix & 'nastics movies.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Taste Your Words

Have you ever heard of word vomit?  Someone says something to you that triggers a churning in the pit of your stomach that you can't ignore.  You feel the words coming up and before you know it they're out. Right there in the open for the whole world to hear.  You can't choke it down now because the words have already been spewed and the damage is done. You're embarrassed that you couldn't suppress them and ashamed of the words that you thought would make you feel so much better after they came out.  And even though you're sort of relieved, the after taste is just plain bitter.  Yep.  That's word vomit.  It has happened to me before.  Too many times.  I remember when Devin and I first got married.  That first year was rough figuring one another out and learning with every passing day just how fundamentally different we are.  And getting married young just added fuel to the fire because we were both still childlike in so many ways when we started dating at seventeen and even still when we were married at twenty.  Jealousy used to be a huge issue for us because I was not at the place I am right now in my walk with the Lord and we were both insecure.  I had a mouth like a machine gun when the jealousy monster inside of me was stirred.  My mouth was my weapon of choice and I could have probably taken down Rocky Balboa with the jabs that flew out of it when I got mad at my husband.  It's a wonder either one of us survived because I didn't have a come-to-Jesus moment until a year later and that was a long year of flaming word throwing.  And when I say come-to-Jesus I mean that literally.  I hit my knees before God and begged for a pure heart and a mouth that only spoke God honoring words.  I was saved, but I wasn't as close to God as I should have been.  Honoring God with my words wasn't even on my radar up until that point and alot of damage was done back then that could've been avoided if my heart had been in the right place.  So I guess what I'm saying is, taste your words before you spit them out.  Believe me, I've been on the receiving end of harsh words and far too many times I've been the one throwing them around...and hurling insults never feels good no matter which end you are on.  You know the saying "A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves you a hundred moments of regret"  Yeah, well I needed a gigantic poster with those very words glued to my bedroom ceiling in my early twenties to stare at every morning before my mouth muttered a single word.  Luke 6:45 says "A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart...for the mouth speaks what the heart is full of." Ever since I started praying for God to purify my heart to the point where there is not an ounce of sinfulness left in it, so that every word that flows from my lips pleases and glorifies Him...I've changed.  Guess what?  I still fail.  But I never stop praying that prayer and with every day that passes, I get better at shutting up and letting the spirit lead me with the right words even when I'm tempted with the wrong ones.  And I know this because I've been through things over the past year that twenty year old Kelsey would've completely embarrassed herself over.   I'm talking word vomit would have been wall-to-wall and a lot of people would be hurting even more deeply than they already are because of it.  All the glory to God that I'm no longer the person I used to be.  I have so far left to go but His grace carries me the whole way.

(If you're wondering where this is all coming from, it's inspired by a book I just started reading called Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman.  It's a completely necessary read for everyone.  I promise.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Life Lately

We have this awesome kid's museum where we live called Amazement Square.  Last week my brother wanted to do something fun with Kollyns so we headed downtown, ate on Main Street and headed to the museum to have some fun.  We kept hand sanitizer slathered on up to our elbows because the germs of 435696 kids potentially jumping onto us freaked me out a little (Not such a great idea to go on Spring Break) but we had a blast and I loved spending time with Landon and of course, Kollyns.
It has been super pretty so a lot of our time is spent at the river which is my favorite place this time of year.  When the bugs come out in summer I'm kind of a sissy, but right now is prime river time.
 My husband is famous for making impulsive decisions when it comes to vehicles.  Totally a wifey nightmare.  About 3 months ago he showed up with a bright orange mustang which was great and all, but he's a dad and stuff so that's not the most practical vehicle for a family.  Plus I have a car too so when it came to buying something that wouldn't fit in a car, or taking the trash out ... we were pretty much S.O.L. You know what I'm saying?
So last Monday I left work early and we headed to the dealership to see if we could find something he would be willing to trade that bad boy in for because we both were so over the whole mustang thing.  That's what happens when you buy things impulsively, you get tired of them quick you know?  I almost did a backflip when I spotted this pretty truck across the lot because I knew he would need it if he saw it.  And I knew I needed it for lots of things. Like errr taking the trash to the dump.

Didn't take long for this baby to find its way home.  I love it. He loves it.  Kollyns loves it.  What's not to love about a FAMILY VEHICLE!!!
 Miss Priss has recently become BFF's with time out.  The attitude is just tooooo much.  Mom's of 4 year old girls...  Am I the only one who gets sassed for no apparent reason?  I don't model this attitude so where.the.heck.is.it.coming.from?  And how do I get rid of it? Like yesterday.  And of course Porter feels sorry for her and I end up getting the guilt trip from her and the dog.  Two cute faces are hard to resist, y'all.

And this past weekend was my brother's SENIOR prom!  He's a Senior.  Which means I've been out of high school for 10 years which means I'm old as dirt.  It's cool though because I actually don't mind getting older.  It's kind of a privilege that comes with lots of wisdom, and wisdom is a beautiful thing.
(I had planned on a black and white theme for this post, but it just wouldn't do this pretty picture justice.  Aren't they perfect???) And Kollyns (not realizing it was a cumberbun) immediately asked me why Landon's pants were pulled up so high over his belly button!  Ha.  Funny girl.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Mommy & Me Part II

I know you're probably tired of my face by now because I'm posting a gazillion photos from our photo shoot.  But too bad.  You're going to have to look at it anyway because I'm in love with these pictures.  They reveal so many things.  Like how hilarious Kollyns is, because her expressions highlight her adorable personality.  And how much I love my kid.  And how badly I need to get about six inches chopped off of my hair.
Do you see her eyes?  That's her signature look right now and it's too much sass for mama to handle. She cracks me up all day erryday.

Love this pretty little sweet smile.

I hope she never gets too old for me to squeeze her 'til she grunts.  Can't. Get. Enough.
Kollyns insisted on these photos of us laying down.  I'm so thankful for my detail oriented kid, because these turned out cute.  One point for KollyBelle.

I love her so.

Thank you again, Donna.  I love these.  I mean loooove them. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mommy and Me Photo Session

I had been seeing so many adorable "Mommy & Me" photos all over Pinterest lately and thinking how sweet it would be to have a few photos of just me and Kollyns.  Not a bad idea to capture this moment in time while she still thinks I'm the best thing ever.  Obviously they make the perfect gift for my mom and my grandma's on Mother's Day.  But more importantly, when she becomes a teenager and forgets how much she loves me I can show her these and remind her that back in the day she adored her mama.  Ha.
So when Donna contacted me about modeling for a "Mommy & Me" session I was very flattered, even more excited...and a little bit nervous.  I'm such a weirdo about having my pictures taken.  It's fine in casual settings and all, but I freak out a little when the focus is on me because it just makes me uncomfortable.  She was coming into town that weekend so it was pretty perfect and I just couldn't pass it up because...
|One| I've seen her work and she takes beautiful photos.
|Two| She offered to take them right behind my house at our pond which makes them even more meaningful.
|Three| I had already found some (Pin)spiration for photos like these and loved the idea.
Well, the session went great and she's an amazing photographer.  And it turns out she is super easy-going and sweet, and before I knew it the session was over.  And now I have priceless photos that I will cherish forever and ever.
Thank you, Donna.  You're wonderful. 
More to come when I get my hands on all of the digital files.  Eeek.
In the meantime, visit her website and check out her work!  Then book her for your next session because you know you want to. ;)

Pretty & Bright Favorites

From Top Left
|Victoria's Secret Pink Nail Polish| I bought this in two colors!  I wouldn't normally buy nail polish from VS but they had a special and I had to spend $10 more dollars to get $25 off and these just so happened to be $5 each!    The color shown on my nails is I Kissed A Surfer and I love it!  These polishes go on as well as a professional brand like Essie or OPI and they last about 5 days with top coat and base coat which is pretty much the norm for me with the other brands too!  Yay for Spring nails!
|Triangl Bikini in Poppy Peach Soda| I really can't say enough good things about this bikini.  The price is steep once you include shipping but oh my goodness it's so worth it.  I usually don't wear light, bright colors in swimsuits because they can be a little too transparent when wet.  These are top quality neoprene material and fit so nicely I don't have to worry about anything falling out or a see through catastrophe while chasing Kollyns down the beach or into the pool, which is a win for mama.
|White Chocolate Strawberry Bundt Cake|  Devin's Birthday was this weekend so obviously I had to bake a cake.  The pink was for Easter, not Devin.  Ha.  Follow any of these Bundt Cake recipes and use strawberry cake mix, vanilla frosting, and white chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips...and you will have this cake.  The drizzle on top is just melted white chocolate with pink food coloring! :)
|Mega Giga Ball|  We found ours at Target!  Kollyns is obsessed with it, but it's a Giga-Pain-in-my-butt in the middle of my living room floor.  But she loves it and it's Spring Break this week so it's only fair to let her keep it in there for now and have lots of fun!
|Lush Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars|  I wasn't a believer until I actually took a Lush Bath.  I mean you don't know what relaxation is until you toss one of these jewels into your tub.  We tried the Ultraviolet Bubble Bar first and it turned the water PURPLE, but didn't stain the tub and left my skin feeling like I had spent a day at the spa.  Try it, you'll love it.
|Glow Stick Baths|  I take Lush baths, Kollyns takes glow stick baths.  I'm glad glow sticks are cheaper than Lush products, or I'd be broke.
|Kollyns|  She's pretty and bright, and my all time favorite.