Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Life Lately

We have this awesome kid's museum where we live called Amazement Square.  Last week my brother wanted to do something fun with Kollyns so we headed downtown, ate on Main Street and headed to the museum to have some fun.  We kept hand sanitizer slathered on up to our elbows because the germs of 435696 kids potentially jumping onto us freaked me out a little (Not such a great idea to go on Spring Break) but we had a blast and I loved spending time with Landon and of course, Kollyns.
It has been super pretty so a lot of our time is spent at the river which is my favorite place this time of year.  When the bugs come out in summer I'm kind of a sissy, but right now is prime river time.
 My husband is famous for making impulsive decisions when it comes to vehicles.  Totally a wifey nightmare.  About 3 months ago he showed up with a bright orange mustang which was great and all, but he's a dad and stuff so that's not the most practical vehicle for a family.  Plus I have a car too so when it came to buying something that wouldn't fit in a car, or taking the trash out ... we were pretty much S.O.L. You know what I'm saying?
So last Monday I left work early and we headed to the dealership to see if we could find something he would be willing to trade that bad boy in for because we both were so over the whole mustang thing.  That's what happens when you buy things impulsively, you get tired of them quick you know?  I almost did a backflip when I spotted this pretty truck across the lot because I knew he would need it if he saw it.  And I knew I needed it for lots of things. Like errr taking the trash to the dump.

Didn't take long for this baby to find its way home.  I love it. He loves it.  Kollyns loves it.  What's not to love about a FAMILY VEHICLE!!!
 Miss Priss has recently become BFF's with time out.  The attitude is just tooooo much.  Mom's of 4 year old girls...  Am I the only one who gets sassed for no apparent reason?  I don't model this attitude so  And how do I get rid of it? Like yesterday.  And of course Porter feels sorry for her and I end up getting the guilt trip from her and the dog.  Two cute faces are hard to resist, y'all.

And this past weekend was my brother's SENIOR prom!  He's a Senior.  Which means I've been out of high school for 10 years which means I'm old as dirt.  It's cool though because I actually don't mind getting older.  It's kind of a privilege that comes with lots of wisdom, and wisdom is a beautiful thing.
(I had planned on a black and white theme for this post, but it just wouldn't do this pretty picture justice.  Aren't they perfect???) And Kollyns (not realizing it was a cumberbun) immediately asked me why Landon's pants were pulled up so high over his belly button!  Ha.  Funny girl.


Megan said...

One word for the origin of a sassy attitude: D.A.D.D.Y. :) Mama is too sweet for it to come from her!

Kelsey Almond said...

Awww, I won't tell him you said that! Haha! I've been told I was the queen of eye rolling circa 1994, but I don't believe it. ;)