Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My 'nastics Girl

So we missed spring sports sign ups. Mainly because Kollyns didn't decide to tell me she wanted to play until after the deadline had passed, even though I asked her months before and she responded with a big fat "No" because mommy couldn't go out on the field and play too.  So of course suddenly she's miss independent and decides to be a big girl way way way after the season has started.  Mom guilt overload. Anyway, we decided a few weekends ago on a rainy Saturday to make it a snuggles and Netflix day.  Sometimes you just need one of those.  Well guess what...Netflix has like five thousand gymnastics movies available to watch in the kids section.  Not really, but it sure felt like it after we watched three in a row.  By the end of the first movie she wanted a leotard. By the end of the second, she was flipping all over the sofa and asking me to call the 'nastics people and sign her up.  And by the third movie she decided she was going to go to the Olympics someday in "one of those pretty outfits with a sparkly bun."  So now she's in a gymnastics class and adores it.  I was worried she would get upset that I couldn't go in with her, but she walked right into the gym like a boss and had a blast.  She's so into it that she puts her leotard on as soon as we get home everyday and the struggle is real trying to get her into pajamas at night because she thinks she needs to sleep in it too...not happening.  I'm so happy she has found something she loves, and I'm feeling a lot better about my little spring sports mommy fail.  I owe you one, Netflix & 'nastics movies.

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