Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pretty & Bright Favorites

From Top Left
|Victoria's Secret Pink Nail Polish| I bought this in two colors!  I wouldn't normally buy nail polish from VS but they had a special and I had to spend $10 more dollars to get $25 off and these just so happened to be $5 each!    The color shown on my nails is I Kissed A Surfer and I love it!  These polishes go on as well as a professional brand like Essie or OPI and they last about 5 days with top coat and base coat which is pretty much the norm for me with the other brands too!  Yay for Spring nails!
|Triangl Bikini in Poppy Peach Soda| I really can't say enough good things about this bikini.  The price is steep once you include shipping but oh my goodness it's so worth it.  I usually don't wear light, bright colors in swimsuits because they can be a little too transparent when wet.  These are top quality neoprene material and fit so nicely I don't have to worry about anything falling out or a see through catastrophe while chasing Kollyns down the beach or into the pool, which is a win for mama.
|White Chocolate Strawberry Bundt Cake|  Devin's Birthday was this weekend so obviously I had to bake a cake.  The pink was for Easter, not Devin.  Ha.  Follow any of these Bundt Cake recipes and use strawberry cake mix, vanilla frosting, and white chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips...and you will have this cake.  The drizzle on top is just melted white chocolate with pink food coloring! :)
|Mega Giga Ball|  We found ours at Target!  Kollyns is obsessed with it, but it's a Giga-Pain-in-my-butt in the middle of my living room floor.  But she loves it and it's Spring Break this week so it's only fair to let her keep it in there for now and have lots of fun!
|Lush Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars|  I wasn't a believer until I actually took a Lush Bath.  I mean you don't know what relaxation is until you toss one of these jewels into your tub.  We tried the Ultraviolet Bubble Bar first and it turned the water PURPLE, but didn't stain the tub and left my skin feeling like I had spent a day at the spa.  Try it, you'll love it.
|Glow Stick Baths|  I take Lush baths, Kollyns takes glow stick baths.  I'm glad glow sticks are cheaper than Lush products, or I'd be broke.
|Kollyns|  She's pretty and bright, and my all time favorite.

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