Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Life Lately

I took a few adorable pictures of Kollyns the other week in front of the pond behind our house.
Don't let that sweet face fool ya...she's kind of wild.  But we wouldn't have her any other way.  She is pure entertainment these days.

Mother's day at mom's house with a few of my favorite girls!

The relationship between these two is probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  He keeps his eye on her constantly and is so protective of her. Anytime visitors, other animals, or even a grasshopper is around...he will stand between them because she is his favorite person and he wants to keep her safe.  It kind of makes me tear up a little.

And look at the torture he allows her to put him through.  That's true love right there.

We went to visit some horses and she decided she wants to be a doctor for animals... on her days off from her dream job as a Kroger cashier of course

Dev bought this Polaris RZR for us to trail ride in because we're rednecks.
 We ride it all the time and occasionally we get stuck...in brand new workout clothes.  He enjoyed covering me in mud way too much and I screamed like a little girl.  Then I remembered that laundry detergent and shampoo were made for a reason and I ended up having a blast.

She has a new found love for soccer.  And she's pretty great at it.  I love it when she finds things to do that she loves, it's sweet to watch.

We bought a few more pieces of equipment for our gym in the basement and got a great deal.  I've never been so excited to workout.  And at this point I'll admit I'm completely spoiled rotten to working out alone at home.  I love people, I do. But I can't deal with sharing equipment and socializing when I'm trying to get a good pump.  I'm a gym brat.  Not sorry.

Kollyns is getting so good with her BB gun that she can actually shoot targets now.  Like I said, we're rednecks.

And the big news is this girl learned how to ride her bike without training wheels about a month ago and she's loving every minute of it.

We leave for Clearwater, FL and Disney World this week and I'm sure that will be quite an experience...starting with the 13 hour drive.  Stay tuned...

Monday, May 9, 2016

Preschool Graduation

I'm not ready.
I'm not ready for my office to be quiet and boring every day.
I'm not ready to send her to school everyday and trust other people to take care of her while I'm at work.
I'm just not.
But ready or not...it's happening.
This little girl that has been my little best friend and side kick for the past 5 years is growing up and soon she will be starting Kindergarten.
She's our only child, so this is like the end of an era for us.  I don't have another kid to distract me from the bittersweet reality that our baby has grown up.  I can only hope that the values we have instilled in her will carry her through her grade school years.  I pray that she will be kind and respectful to everyone...and that she will love people with the love of the Lord and that her heart will shine for Christ through these defining years and into the next stages of her life.
We love you Kollyns and we are so proud of you.

(I decided to do a little post-graduation interview with Miss Kollyns...this should be fun to look back at someday.)
What are your favorite memories from preschool?  "Playing freeze tag outside with my friends.  And inside we had a lot of fun painting and getting our hands all dirty.  And getting like a lot of gummy bears.  One time MeMa was there and she gave us like 1500 gummies.  But now she doesn't come anymore because she gave us too many gummies.  I'm going to miss my teacher's hugs."
How do you feel about starting school?  "Um, uh good...I'm just a little scared, I'm pretty nervous." 
What are you scared and nervous about? " I'm scared that I won't know any friends and I'm probably going to be freaked out."
What do you think you will do all day at big school?  "I think I'm gonna read books and all kinds of stuff and have fun.  And I'm gonna eat lunch in a big cafeteria."
What are you going to miss most about being away from mommy during the day?  "Being able to hug you whenever I want."
What do you want mommy to pack you for lunch everyday?  "A peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cheese sandwich every day with a juicy and some oreos."
What's your favorite thing to do?  "Work out, play catch, play soccer, and go really fast on the RZR with my daddy...I can't wait til I can drive my friends around." (Woah Kollyns, slow your roll girl.  You're in primary school, not high school. )
What's your favorite show?  "Doc McStuffins"
What's your favorite movie?  "Princess Protection Program"
What do you want to be when you grow up?  "I want to work at Kroger and scan people's groceries."